Whale Watching Tour & Picnic

Whale Watching Tour & Bring Your Own Picnic

June 16, 2017 – 9:30am Group Check-In

Davey’s Locker

400 Main St., Newport Beach, CA 92661

Join us June 16th for whale watching tour that is approximately 2 – 2.5 hours long. After the tour, we invite you to a bring your own picnic at the nearby park.

Open to CHN Members only — Event is limited to 40 spaces and costs $11 per person. Registration ends on June 8th.

According to Newport Whales, the May – October sightings have the chance to see 4 different types of whales and also some dolphins. During this season, we get to see:

They also offer pre-trip lesson plans (as well as supplemental post-trip lesson plans), which are saved on their website at http://www.newportwhales.com/school.html

Recommendations to come prepared with:

  • Closed toed shoes
  • Water bottle and a snack
  • Sun protection, such as sunscreen and a hat
  • Light jacket
  • Camera (recommended)
  • Cash if students want to purchase light snacks or drinks from the galley
  • If anyone is prone to sea sickness, please suggest that they take Bonine or Dramamine at least one hour before heading out on the water.

We strongly suggest checking the weather beforehand and dressing accordingly. It can get cold out on the water. Whale Watching cruises go out rain or shine. Typically, in case of inclement weather, and you are already here or on the boat, and they perform a modified harbor and sea lion cruise inside Newport Harbor. Occasionally, if conditions look rough and unsafe (high winds, rough seas, and high swells), the captain may make the call to cancel the trip. If this looks like a possibility, Pam will be contacted as soon as they’re notified of poor weather, to discuss rescheduling. If that happens, you will be contacted.

Please do not bring the following: glass containers, outside alcohol, hard plastic coolers, and strollers.


 Directions & Parking — Davey’s Locker –  400 Main St, Newport Beach 92661


The best directions are available on the Davey’s Locker website: http://www.daveyslocker.com/contact-us-directions/


For Cars:

The best parking location is also the Beach parking lot, which allows for all-day parking. Parking May-September is $1.75 per hour with a $17.50 daily maximum and October-April is $1.20 per hour with a $18 daily maximum.






Please Note:

Each Individual, including our littlest members, must be named, along with address and contact phone number, on the manifest if they are attending the whale watching tour. The information included on the manifest is also here so you understand the risks involved. When you register for the event, you will be agreeing to these and allowing your full name, address, and emergency phone number to be placed on the manifest in order to board the vessel for the tour.


I am about to encounter certain known risks, hazards, perils, and dangers necessarily associated with being a passenger aboard a vessel. I understand and acknowledge that as a passenger, there are known and unanticipated risks which could result in injury, illness, disease, death, emotional distress and/or damages to me, my property, or to third parties.

The vessel owner does not want to frighten me or reduce my enthusiasm, but believes it is important for me to know in advance what to expect and be informed of inherent risks. For that reason, I hereby expressly acknowledge the following:

  1. That while standing, sitting, and/or walking about the vessel (including boarding and disembarking, climbing and descending steps, stairs, ladders, etc.) I will utilize all available hard holds, grab holds, grab rails, tables, bulkheads, railing, and benches so that I will not lose my balance, fall down and possibly become injured.
  2. That while walking about the vessel I will be on the lookout for any hatches that are open, as I acknowledge that I could fall into one and be injured.
  3. That I will remain seated in the stern (rear of the vessel) and/or inside the galley (snack bar area) of the vessel while the vessel is entering or departing the harbor and when sea conditions are rough.
  4. That I am aware the decks of the vessel can become slippery due to wave action, fish, fish scales, fish slime, blood, etc. and that I will be careful at all times so as not to slip and fall. Flip flops, sandals, open toed, high heels, and hard sole footwear are not safe. I represent that I am wearing suitable footwear to safely walk about this vessel.
  5. That I am aware a vessel is subject to the rolling and pitching action of the wind and waves which could cause me to lose my balance and/or fall and become injured.
  6. While fishing I will always make an effort to be aware of where all other passengers are so that I do not inadvertently injure them and so they do not inadvertently injure me. I acknowledge the vessel owner is not responsible for other passenger’s actions.
  7. If I decide to consume alcohol, I will be extra careful while aboard the vessel, as I recognize that conditions aboard a vessel are possibly more dangerous than ashore. I acknowledge that I am aware of my tolerance to alcohol and limitations, and will not become inebriated.
  8. I will listen and obey the instruction of the Captain and crew, as they are concerned for my safety.
  9. I certify that I am physically capable of participation as a passenger aboard the vessel for whale watching and/or fishing, and if I am elderly, overweight, or otherwise have any physical limitations, I will ask for assistance if needed. I expressly agree and promise to accept and assure on my behalf (or on behalf of all minors who accompany me) all the risks inherent with being a passenger aboard the vessel. My participation as a passenger aboard the vessel is purely voluntary and I elect to participate in spite of the known and unknown risks.


More details about Newport Whale Watching can be found here: http://www.newportwhales.com

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