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Homeschool Alumni

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Come meet some Homeschool Alumni

Abigail E – Administrative Assistant

Adam K – Front-end Engineer

Alexandra A – Teacher

Alexandra K – Homemaker

Alora H – Small business owner/entrepreneur

Alyssa M – PMT

Amanda S – Entrepreneur

Amy T – Finishing Master’s degree to become a teacher

Anna M – College Professor

Aubrey L – Director of social & digital engagement at a marketing agency

Benjamin O – FAA – ATSS

Bethany S – Music Teacher & Actress

Bradford M – Senior Accountant

Breanna G – Collections assistant (court clerk)

Breanna J – Nurse

Briana B – Full-time college student

Cagney H – College Student

Camilla H – Business Owner

Cassandra C – Fine Art Photographer

Christi R – Visual Designer

Christina S – Homemaker and photographer. I also home school my three children.

Courtney P – Homemaker

David K – Director of Technical Development

Delaney J – Preschool teacher

Devin H – College Student

Donald P – Electronics technician

E Ferrell – Teacher

Edward S – Law Enforcement

Elisabeth G – Music Teacher

Elizabeth C – Occupational Therapist

Emily G – Homeschooling my own kids

Ethan G – US Army Paratrooper

Evan G – Concert Pianist

Gita S – Full-time student in Master’s program

Haley PW – Therapist

Hannah C – Analyst, GoBuySide

Hannah C – Secretary/fulltime college student

Hannah H – Homeschooler & managing partner of real estate business

Hannah W – Student

Heather B – Student at University of California, Berkeley

Jacqee R – Stay at home mom

Jacqueline A – Special Effects Artist

Jenevieve B – Receptionist, Admin Manager at a Dave Ramsey ELP certified Tax Firm

Jennifer L – Homeschooling Mother

Jesse M – College student

Jessica M – Clergy

Jessica S – stay at home mom, small business owner, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Johnny S – Software Developer at Apple, Inc.

Jordan B – Project Manager

Joshua P – Research Analyst at Lundberg Survey

Joshua P – Research Analyst at Lundberg Survey

Josiah B – IT Support Manager

Julianne F – Law student

Justin B – Designer

Kate B – Stay at home Mom

Katelyn H – Physical therapist (Doctorate May 2018)

Katie G – Homemaker and Homeschool Teacher

Kendra C – Digital Media Manager

Kendra F – Associate Engineer

Kiersti G – High school English teacher

Kira S – Theater technician

Klaressa D – Entrepreneur

Kole M – College Student

Laena W – Author/Photographer/Homeschool mom

Laura M – Licensed Vocational Nurse

Lauren S – Estate Caretaker

Leah N – In college

Lisa A – Homemaker

Lydia F – Hairstylist

Madison T – Preschool Teacher

Maria L – In College

Mary W – Local government manager

Melissa O – Life coach

Michaela R – Administrator

Michail M – College Student

Michelle C – Homemaker/homeschool my children

Michelle E – Owner & Director of a Youth Music Program

Michelle S – Doctor of Physical Therapy

Naomi S – Student

Nathan C – Medical student at Yale, US Presidential Scholar

Nicole K – Clerical Substitute for Clovis Unified School District

Nole L – Fireman

Paige C – (Trilingual) Receptionist & Admin Assistant with the University of California Education Abroad Systemwide Office

Pieter G – Engineer

Rachel R – Library Associate 2

Rebekah E – Midwife

Robert W – CTO

Ruth S – Community Service Officer at Redlands Police Dept.

Ruth W – Library Associate 1

Sara G – Senior Maintenance Aide for California State Parks

Sara J – Athletic Trainer (sports medicine)

Sarah W – Stay at home mom

Sophia B – Personal Legal Admin for a top 5 lawyer in the USA

Sophia S – Childcare provider

Suzanne G – Author: The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children

Teresa M – Compliance Manager

Tessa G – Gentle BLM Mustangs, raise beef and homeschool my children

Tracey T – Teacher

Trisha B -  Homeschooling mom of 4 (ran various group homes and directed a gymnastics facility in San Diego)

Abbie V – Commercial Lender

Abigail A – Researcher & student at University of Washington

Adeline W – Receptionist at Medical Facility

Amy T – Research Assistant and Homeschool Mom

Amy V – MS Teacher (substitute for WSD) & Client Services Assistant

Ana Lorena M – Stay at home mom

Arlene P – Software Engineer

Audrey C – Customer Service Representative

Aundra H – College student and nanny

Avery S – Food Scientist

Becky T – biology professor, organic farmer, homeschool mom

Brianne R – Stay at home mom

Brandi G – Lactation consultant

Branna P – ESL Teacher/Homeschool Mom

Brittany A – Public school teacher

Brittany H – Business Owner

Brooke B – licensed RN, current homeschooling mother

Caroline C – Mom, Cosmetologist/Salon Owner

Cassandra W – Homeschooler of many kids

Cathryn D – acupuncturist

Connie L – Homemaker

Connor F – Full time college student, Eagle Scout

Daniel P – Graduate researcher

Darren M – Carpenter and Electrician

David T – PhD student

David W – Supervising Deputy District Attorney

Drew B – Tire tech

Elizabeth N – in college

Emily A – Small business owner

Emma S – Outdoor educator

Faith M – Culinary Student

George C – IT Professional and Animator

Gretchen S – Auditor

Elena A – Full-time student at University of Portland Shiley School of Engineering

Erica P – ballet dancer

Hannah L – Student

Hannah M – Small business owner

Hannah W – Kindergarten teacher

Harmoney G – LVN, Homeschooling Mom of 4

Heather B – Assistant Professor, Art History

Heather S – Registered Nurse

Hollister S – Composer, Singer/Actor/Dancer, Programmer, Web Designer

Jakki J – Educator

Janelle H – Teacher

Janice U – Army wife, stay at home homeschool mom of 5. I was homeschooled in Jr high and went on to graduate both high school and college with honors

Jennie S – Social Worker

Jennifer M – Homemaker

Jennifer M – Pharmacy Technician

Jennifer N – Registered Nurse

Jessica T – Birthing coach

Jordyn M – Attending community college since I was 15. Now I’m 18 and following a path to transfer to UCLA for their psychology program

Jordan O – Stay at Home Mom

Josephine G – Certified Makeup Artist

Josiah C – Church Worship Director

Julia R – College

Karla K – Licensed vocational nurse

Kasia B – U.S. Air Force Enlisted

Katelyn T – UCLA student

Kayla T – Childcare worker

Kelly C – Caretaker

Laura F – Blogger

Leigh K – pharmacy technician

Lorenzo G – Marketing Director for a Real Estate Company

Maeve K – College student, assistant administrator

Marcella B – Wedding Planner

Marleen O – Teacher aid for homeschoolers

Marisa L – Weigh Master

Max S – Senior at Pomona College, double major in math and computer science. Admitted to several PhD programs in Artificial Intelligence

Melinda P – Shipper

Melody M – Public School Teacher, Choir Director, Voice and Piano Teacher

Michelle S – Fitness & Dance Instructor, Homemaker & Mother

Mike N – Courtesy Clerk

Natalie C – Full time college student/childcare worker

Natalie M – Real Estate Broker

Nathan M – Attending community college since I was 15. Now I’m almost 17 and majoring in art

Nicole M – Business owner

Orrin G – High School Teacher

Perry A – Film Editor for local news affiliate

Rachael S – Producer

Rebekah J – Online Art School Founder & Teacher

Rionna F – Student at MIT

Robert B – Music Director/Organist

Robin P – Homeschool Teacher & Mom of 3

Sarah M – Nursing instructor

Sarah P – Current full time Mary Kay consultant, former preschool teacher

Sarah S – Co founder 3 Seconds Of Hope suicide prevention organization

Sebastian A – Law Firm File Clerk

Shon T – Refinery Operator

Skylar I – School Social Worker

Sophia E – Stay-at-Home Homeschooling mom

Summer V – Music education and symphony production

Susie H – Preschool Teacher

Vanessa D – Mom

Veronica E – Web Developer

West H – BIM Specialist (Building Information Modeling)

Will S – Sophomore at Carleton College majoring in computer science with minors in math and music performance

Ziad K – student at UC San Diego

Kaleigh K – UC Berkeley Graduate 2016, 2020 Master’s candidate for Screenwriting from California State University Northridge (CSUN), Undergraduate Professor at CSUN, Youtube Host for Sharp Productions, and Owner of Queenadreams Productions.

Summer K – Graduating UC Berkeley 2020, Staff Writer for The Daily Californian

Aria Sofia M – Unschooler who graduated from UC Berkeley 2 weeks after her 19th birthday

Kyle S. – I am the head of the electrical department of a nationwide communications company

Autumnlyne S. – I work at a national retail store

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