Your Membership in CHN Supports California Homeschooling

 As an all-inclusive volunteer statewide organization, California Homeschool Network depends on members to help fulfill our Mission Statement. In addition, becoming a CHN member provides unique benefits.

Membership Benefits

Join hands - ImageCHN Members receive a free Member ID Card to help them qualify for store discounts.

CHN Members receive discounts on:

CHNews is the quarterly digital newsletter of the California Homeschool Network and is emailed to all CHN members.  CHNews issues include important homeschooling information and articles by homeschooling families that inspire and encourage our members, along with any current legal and legislative updates.

CHN Members are invited to join the CHN Facebook group

CHN Members are entitled to attend biannual membership meetings to witness Board of Trustee deliberations. Members are invited to participate and express their opinions. CHN members have a voice! If you have a change to your address, email, or phone, please contact Membership right away so you receive your Newsletter and any other important information.

The CHN Board of Trustees is appointed, and CHN volunteers are encouraged to become candidates for the Board.

CHN helps the community:

  • CHN provides accurate updates on legislative bills and other legal issues
  • CHN provides information on the legal options of how to homeschool

CHN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, run by volunteer members. New volunteers are always welcome! Join CHN and make a difference!

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