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The California Homeschool Network is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to protect and promote homeschooling (we are not a political action committee nor a source for political fund raising).

Get The FACTS!

Although it’s rare, school districts do occasionally contact homeschooling parents. To ease this worrisome situation and to help keep it from escalating to a truancy charge, CHN’s Legal Rights Committee has written a simple one page document that you may print and show to anyone who might tell you that your homeschool is illegal. It’s known as “Just the Facts” trifold brochure because that’s what it offers—the simple legal facts. You can download it here.

If you still have legal questions, read up on the Frequently Asked Legal Questions below, or contact us here.

Legal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the CHN Legal Rights Committee offer help to non-CHN members?

The answer is yes. In fact, most of the people who ask for help are not members—perhaps this is because our own members are so well informed that they don’t often require help. If a homeschooler needs information that the CHN Legal Committee can provide, then it is offered. We help because it’s the right thing to do, and also because anything we do to support homeschoolers makes homeschooling more secure for all of us. Please help make this kind of support possible by joining CHN today!

How can a local school district accuse homeschoolers of truancy when homeschooling is legal in California?

California does not have a homeschool law. In fact, the term homeschool is not found anywhere in the Education Code. The Code does, however, outline the procedure for establishing a private school, which involves annually notifying the state that the private school is operating, maintaining various records, and offering a specified minimum course of study. Further, the Code does not confer the authority on any state agency to regulate private schools. Decades ago, parents reading the Education Code reasoned that they could open private schools in their own homes. Nothing in the law forbids it. There is no minimum size for a private school; there are no stipulations on familial relationships between teachers and pupils. By following the Code, any family, not just those who can afford a tutor or who have a parent who is a certified teacher, can enjoy the benefits of homeschooling.

How do I obtain answers to legal questions?

CHN has compiled helpful resources to assist you, the independent homeschooler. We advocate taking personal responsibility for our children’s education. Please review the entire Legal Options section.

Once you have studied the information made available, if you still have remaining questions or have unique circumstances, please click here to contact our Legal Chair or call CHN at (800) 327-5339.

What is the CHN Legal Defense Fund?

The CHN Legal Defense Fund was established in 2000 to benefit families who do not qualify, for any reason, for assistance from one of the other legal services organizations. CHN views the Legal Defense Fund as another option for protecting homeschooling rights, not meant to compete with any other legal service. Cases eligible for help will be limited to those that could set a precedent impacting all homeschoolers within California, with the goal to produce legal decisions and rulings which will guarantee the right of homeschooling parents in California to educate their children in the least restrictive environment.

CHN possesses two characteristics that prepare it to act prudently on behalf of homeschoolers while exercising fiscal accountability.

First, CHN is a 501(c) 3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. This means that CHN must manage all its funds according to accepted nonprofit accounting practices. Donors can take an income tax deduction and enjoy the confidence that their contributions will be properly governed and distributed according to IRS codes. CHN’s income and revenue statement is published annually according to law.

Second, CHN is a membership organization. Not all 501(c)3 nonprofits are constituted to permit members to have a say in the governance of the organization. The CHN Board of Trustees is elected by the membership, and any member in good standing may choose to be a candidate for the Board. Members are also entitled to attend quarterly membership meetings to witness the Board of Trustees deliberations. Members are invited to participate in the meetings and express their opinions.

How can I help CHN support homeschooling?

CHN’s work in supporting homeschooling for all is made possible through member donations. Donations may be sent to the CHN mailing address on our Contact CHN page or you may make a donation by phone at (800) 327-5339 or by clicking the “Donate” button below.

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We invite CHN members to get involved either by volunteering on the Legislation Monitoring Committee and/or contacting your representative about legislation. More information on how to Get Involved can be found here.

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