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Charters, What you need to know before enrolling!

The following article by Leah Hall is very informative in respect to what kind of questions you may want to consider before making a decision to join a charter

40 Questions When Choosing a Charter (or Not Choosing)

This is because there’s really more to it than “How much money will I get?”

  1. What funds do they provide?
  2. How strict are they on what you can buy with the funds?
  3. Are there already vendors on their list that you want to use?
  4. Is the vendor process simple if they don’t have the vendor you want?
  5. Example: Will they have no problem with premium art supplies? (not suggest crayola brand)
  6. Can you get above or below grade level curriculum if you need it?
  7. Is your EF helpful and supportive?
  8. Is he/she easy to get a hold of?
  9. Is he/she thorough in explanations of what they are requesting?
  10. Do they require the work samples necessary to keep in good standings for when the school is audited?
  11. Will your EF support your learning style?
  12. Will they be familiar with your learning style in case you want some support?
  13. Will you have the freedom you want to teach the topics you want to teach?
  14. If you’re interested in a learning center, do they have a convenient one nearby? One with a great educational model, how is it different from a standard public school classroom? Or even a basic daycare.
  15. Will the learning center staff know what to do if a child bumps his head?
  16. Will they know what to do in an emergency and calling 911?
  17. Will they know what to do if there is an intruder?
  18. Will they release your child to an unauthorized person regardless of emergency card? (FYI – emergency card is NOT authorization)
  19. Do they know the laws regarding custody agreements and educational rights of the parent?
  20. Do they have the insurance they need to run a center and have high risk activities?
  21. Do they follow FERPA?
  22. Are the records safely kept and follow ed code?
  23. Who in the company has access to those records? Where are they kept?
  24. Will the records be transferred to the next school complete?
  25. Does the school make sure to keep the mandatory records on file permanently?
  26. Do they communicate well with other schools in regards to withdrawals and transfer of records?
  27. Will they provide the necessary services for SPED?
  28. Is the SPED Coordinator helpful and easy to work with?
  29. Do they follow the laws regarding IEP and 504
  30. Is the school run by a for or non profit?
  31. What is the background for the director? Does he/she have a reputable record? Has he/she been scandalous in the past with other schools?
  32. Does the school hold the necessary board meeting? Can you go?
  33. Is the school WASC accredited?
  34. Does the school give a High Schooler the support he or she needs for college planning?
  35. Can it put together a necessary transcript to transfer to a college if that’s the student’s plan?
  36. How simple is the enrollment process? But at the same time, do they request the necessary documents and follow the necessary process to stay in good standings?
  37. Will the school suggest another school option if it’s obvious that this school isn’t the right choice? Or will they just tell you what you want to hear to get you in the doors?
  38. What is the withdrawal process?
  39. Are you willing to work with the school to get them what they need so that they can keep their doors open as a school and provide the support and funds to the home educating community.

And then a random point that maybe not everyone cares about, but I do..

  1. Does the school provide it’s employees with consistent pay and health insurance for the families and kids? (I like to know that everyone is taken care of.)
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