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Press Releases

Sent April 9, 2018 – California Homeschoolers Fight Legislation While Teaching Civics To Their Children

Sent April 17, 2018 – Homeschool Parents Tell State Legislators Why They Homeschool – And It’s Not Looking Pretty for Traditional California Public Schools

Sent April 21, 2018 – Is Sacramento finally listening to homeschoolers?

Sent April 23, 2018 – California Homeschool Families, Targeted for their Choice of Education

Sent April 24, 2018 – 35,000 Say NO to Homeschooling Legislation!

In the News:  Don’t Blame Homeschooling!

Blaming home school for Perris child torture is like blaming trenchcoats for Columbine

Evil, Not Homeschooling, Caused The California ‘House Of Horrors’

Perris ‘House of horror’ allegations a bad pretext to regulate homeschools

A misguided impulse to further regulate homeschooling

No, Homeschooling is NOT a “Sickening Danger”

Homeschooling is NOT a “Sickening Danger” (Part 2)

Former classmate: Daughter in Perris torture case was bullied, frail

That’s NOT Homeschooling–It’s Abuse

California: Don’t punish all home-schoolers for one abuse case

Family in Southern California torture case may have fled Texas after daughter sought help

Oldest Turpin son in California abuse case excelled in college, officials say

Why child abuse like the Turpin family horrors is so hard to prevent or halt

California overreacts and presumes every homeschooling parent is a child abuser

They noticed Turpins’ strange behavior, but no one suspected kids were tortured

Homeschooling and Abuse

Is California horror house society’s fault?

Why Using the Turpin Family’s House of Horrors to Attack Homeschooling is Dishonest (and Unwise)

Home Schooling is Not a Crime

Child Abuse of Public School, Private School, and Homeschool Students: Evidence, Philosophy, and Reason

Don’t Blame Homeschooling For Child Abuse Cases Like The Turpins’

Abuse Within Traditional Schools

Teachers who sexually abuse students still find classroom jobs: Despite decades of scandals, America’s schools still hide actions of dangerous educators

It’s Time to Talk about Sexual Abuse in Our Schools

Abuse of Power:Most bullying prevention is aimed at students. 
What happens when adults are the aggressors?

Persistently Dangerous Schools

School to Prison Pipeline:  Today’s Students Experience. . .

Stop Educator Sexual Abuse Misconduct and Exploitation

“The “dance of the lemons” is a term used to refer to the practice of reassigning bad teachers to new schools or districts, rather than firing them. By “bad” teachers, this means people who have been convicted of crimes or who have done other ethically questionable things.”

‘Passing the trash’: Teachers accused of sexual abuse aren’t always unemployable

A Primer on “Passing the Trash”

‘Passing the Trash’ by School Districts Frees Sexual Predators To Hunt Again


International Center for Homeschool Research
The International Center for Home Education Research (ICHER) exists to provide expert information and analysis regarding homeschooling research and to facilitate networking among researchers studying home-based learning.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association
A national homeschooling advocacy organization providing homeschooling statistics, studies, and information.

National Home Education Research Institution
NHERI specializes in homeschool research, facts, statistics, scholarly articles, and information.


Homeschooling Back To The Future?
Isabel Lyman,   Cato Institute Policy Analysis

The Why of Homeschool
Isabel Lyman,  Ludwig Von Mises Institute         |

The National Center for Education Statistics Publications:

Homeschooling Fast Facts

Number and percentage of homeschooled students ages 5 through 17

Percent distribution of students in public, private and homeschools

1.5 Million Students homeschooled in the US in 2007

1.1 Million Homeschool Students in the United States in 2003

Issues Related to Estimating the Home-Schooled Population

Publications stored at the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

What Are We Educating Towards? Socialization, Acculturization, and Individualization as Reflected in Home Education

Homeschool Parents and Satisfaction with Special Education Services

The Influence of Homeschooling on Entrepreneurial  Activities: A Collective Case Study

The Human Right of Home Education

Child-Led and Interest=Inspired Learning

Structured and Unstructured Homeschooling:  A Proposal for Broadening the Taxonomy

Educational Activities and the Role of the Parent in Homeschool Families with High School Students

Types of Homeschool Environments and Need Support  for Children’s Achievement Motivation

African American Homeschool Parent’s Motivation and Their Black Children’s Academic Achievement

Home Is Where The School Is: The Impact of Homeschool Legislation on School Choice

Informal Home Education:  Philosophical Aspirations Put into Practice

Homeschooling the Gifted:  A Parent’s Perspective

Homeschooling Worries:  Trusting That The Dots Will Connect

Inspection of Home Education in European Countries

Exploring Academic Outcomes of Homeschool Students

Are All Homeschooling Methods Created Equal

You Can Homeschool Your Child With Special Needs

Previously Homeschooled College Freshman:  Their First Year Experiences and Persistence Rates

Home Education Reason and Research:   Common Questions and Research-Based Answers about Homeschooling

Homeschooling: A Growing Option in American Education

Why Do Parents Homeschool?

Homeschool Abstracts:

A Systematic Review of the Empirical Research

Brian D. Ray, Journal of School Choice, 2017

Homeschooling and the Question of Socialization Revisited

Vanderbilt University, Peabody Research, 2016

Homeschooling in America: Capturing and Assessing the Movement

Joseph Murphy, Vanderbuilt University, Peabody Research, 2012

Education, Schooling and Children’s Rights: The Complexity of Homeschooling

Robert Kunzman, Indiana University, 2012

Exploring Academic Outcomes of Homeschool Students                     Slide Presentation —

Michael Cogan, University of St. Thomas, 2010

Academic Achievement and Demographic Traits of Homeschool Students: A Nationwide Study

Brian Ray, Academic Leadership Journal, 2010

Evidence for Homeschool: Constitutional Analysis In Light of Social Research

Tanya K. Dumas, Sean Gates, Deborah Swarzer in Widener Law Review, 2008

Homeschooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream 2nd Edition, 2007

Patrick Basham, Cato Institute,  Published by The Fraser Institute, Canada

Child Abuse of Public School, Private School, and Homeschool Students: Evidence, Philosophy, and Reason

Brian D. Ray, Ph.D., January 2018

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