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Uncle CHiN

Uncle CHiN   Who Is Uncle CHiN Anyway?

Kindly, old Uncle CHiN has been imparting his wise advice to homeschoolers for years. Few people, if any for that matter, have actually ever seen Uncle CHiN; he's a figure cloaked in mystery. ("My uncle ? I thought he was your uncle!") But we are all glad he's there to help us sort through the touchy questions that homeschooling sometimes presents to us. These pages are reprints of some of Uncle CHiN's columns from CHNews.

   About Testing

   Deducting Homeschooling Expenses

   Homeschooling through the Summer

   On Doing "Nothing"

   On Loving Your Children's Company

   Over Eager Mom

   Private Time for Mom

   Sibling Rivalry

   Teaching Children at Different Grade Levels

   The Many Ways to Homeschool

   Uncle CHiN on ADHD

   Unit Studies

   What About the Prom?

   Winning over a Skeptical Grandma


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