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CHN's Legislation Monitoring Committee monitors legislation that could affect homeschooling and families in California. In this section of our Web site you can find info on current bills and alerts, in addtition to learning how to get involved by contacting your representatives about legislation.

Contact the Legislation Monitoring Committee if you would like to volunteer!

Legislation Committee Policies

POLICY 1: California Homeschool Network believes that current state law provides for the legal practice of homeschooling as private schools under sections 48222 and 33190 of the California Education Code, and alternately as tutorial relationships under section 48224. We stand opposed to any legislation which would alter or amend these current laws to add any greater state authority to regulate, control or evaluate private schools and tutorial situations; define “homeschool” “home education, “ or related terms; add to or change the definitions of “tutor” or “private school” as they now exist in the law; create any additional exemptions to compulsory attendance than those now stipulated in the education code.

POLICY 2: CHN will support homeschooling rights with a focus on private school and tutorial options as the foundation of all our homeschooling freedoms. CHN may monitor public school Independent Study Programs or Charter School home education programs. CHN will not take a stand on behalf of families and their rights in any public school matter except the withdrawal of children from public school.

POLICY 3: CHN may monitor non-homeschooling issues related to family policy or which have bearing upon homeschooling.

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