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Current Alerts

If you have information on pending legislation that might affect homeschooling, please email the Legislation Monitoring Committee.

AB 1950 Charter School Facility Grant Program

This bill is currently being monitored by CHN. It would affect charter schools only. To read the text of the bill along with the history and status updates, visit, click on BILLS and type in the bill number.

DMV Recognizes the Value of Driver Training At Home

Until very recently, parents in California who were homeschooling were generally not authorized to provide driver education to their student/children. The requirement from the DMV was to have their child complete a driver education and training course through a public or private school or commercial driving program. Homeschoolers using the private school exemption were able to satisfy that requirement fairly easily.

Over the last several years, private schools not listed on the Private School Database maintained by the California Department of Education received denials for the forms. The DMV had become aware that parents were actually the ones doing the instructing. The DMV, like some other public agencies, has typically held the mistaken belief that these individuals were not “qualified” to be providing such instruction.

The leaders of the various support organizations in California, in particular, Mary Schofield, an attorney and homeschooling advocate, have maintained a respectful dialog, and constant pressure on this agency. That effort has been a success! We are pleased to relay that the DMV has stopped rejecting forms from homeschooling families and has even revised its forms to specifically ask when the form is being submitted by a Public Secondary School, a Private Secondary School, or a Home School or Private School Satellite Program.

While the wording above may seem like cause for concern, it seems that the legislature is interested in comparing parent-taught driver education courses with similar institutional or commercial programs.

National Drivers Training Institute has received approval from the CA DMV for the education portion of the training. NDTI provides an online drivers education program for the classroom portion of the drivers training. NDTI’s research into national statistics demonstrated that parent-taught driver education produces superior teenage drivers than other forms of drivers training.

You can find more information and forms on the DMV web site here. The DMV will be phasing out the old forms until September 2010.

AB 66 Work Permits

The process for obtaining work permits changed on January 1, 2010. As a result of the passage of AB 66 last fall, a new law regarding work permits went into effect on January 1, 2010. The California Department of Education is still working on updating information, forms, and procedures, so some details may change. However, we can answer some of the questions that have been asked about the new law.

Please see our FAQ for complete information on the new work permit law.

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