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Uncle CHiN

Dear Uncle CHiN,

I'm jealous of my friends who send their children to school. They have so much time for themselves. I never have a moment's peace. HELP!

Signed, Harried Homeschooler

Dear Harried,

Sounds like you are fast on the road to homeschooling burnout. Even parents need some time off now and then. It may be more challenging, but you can and should arrange some time during your week that is yours alone. Teach your children that you need private time, even just 15 minutes a day, and that you are not to be disturbed during this time unless someone is bleeding. Make a reciprocal babysitting arrangement with another homeschooling parent, then treat yourself to lunch or your favorite antique store, sans kids. As your children grow, sign them up for Red Cross "Home Alone" classes so you will have some peace of mind and can begin leaving them home alone for short periods of time. Most kids will rise to the occasion if given this responsibility.

Finally, remember: Your friends who send their children to school during the day have a bombshell dropped on them about 3:00 every afternoon. Their kids come home from school tired and hungry and are usually shuttled off to one activity after another. Then there is homework to work through and dinner to be made. For most families in this routine, it's the worst time of day and the only time they spend with their children. You, in contrast, get to see your children at their best, and put them down for a nap when they are tired and grouchy. By comparison, your home is probably much calmer, and definetely the one your Uncle CHiN would most like to visit around dinnertime. So, what's for dinner?

See You Soon! Uncle CHiN


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