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Uncle CHiN

Dear Uncle CHiN,

I feel like we didn't get enough done during the "school year." Should we homeschool through the summer?

Signed, Angst Amongus

Dear Angst,

Well, sure, homeschool through summer if you think it will work for you—but please, do it because you're looking forward to some exciting new projects and juicy new books to read, not just because you're playing catch-up. The game of catch-up can't be won. If you ever end a "school year" feeling you accomplished enough with your children, you will be the first homeschooling parent to ever do so. If that day should arrive, please contact me so we can schedule your coronation.

Of course you fell short of your lofty goals this year. Your September dreams—every book finished, every new concept mastered, and every project realized—they belonged to some other family. Specifically, that would be the family of Mr. and Mrs. Downright R. Perfect of Paragon, CA. The Perfect Family gets their entire curriculum perfectly done right on schedule. They never get colds, nor keep library books overdue, nor do their children squabble over who gets to read first.

But alas, the Perfects are also perfect bores. They never go out and look for a rainbow after a shower. They never decide to chuck the books and go see a museum exhibit. They never turn over a rock to see what creatures live underneath. They never find anything so interesting that it deserves a closer look. Be glad you're not Perfect, cause you would have miss all those perfect moments you had this year—and you had a bunch of them, if you'll let yourself remember.

Get used to the idea that you will never really finish anything with your children. Their education is never going to be complete in your eyes. It's not just a matter a few more chapters in their science book; it's a matter of trying to give them all the wisdom, all the knowledge, and all the strength you want to give them. You'll never do it to your satisfaction, not if you kept them home till you are over 100.

Happy Days! Uncle CHiN


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