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Statistics, Research Reports and Articles
About the Success of Homeschooling

Homeschooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream
 Written by Patrick Basham, Cato Institute
Published by The Fraser Institute, Canada

Publications by The National Center for Education Statistics
1.1 Million Homeschool Students in the United States in 2003
Homeschooling in the United States 1999
National Household Survey of 1999 Data Files
Issues Related to Estimating the Home-Schooled Population in the United States with
National Household Survey Datas


   Homeschooling and Higher Education
   Written by Patricia Wood
   ERIC ID #: ED480468

   Homeschooling, ERIC Digest
   Written by Patricia Lines
   ERIC ID #: ED457539

   Homeschooling Comes of Age
   Written by Patricia Lines
   ERIC ID #: EJ609191

   Homeschoolers, Estimating Number and Growth
   Written by Patricia Lines
   ERIC ID #: ED456167

   The Correlational Relationship Between Homeschooling
   Demographics and High Test Scores
   Written by Johnna Burns
   ERIC ID #: ED439141

Research Conducted by the National Home Education Research Institution
General Research Fact Sheet
Worldwide Guide To Homeschooling
Strengths of Their Own
Home Educated and Now Adults

Publications by The Homeschool Legal Defense Association
National Center for Home Education: Education Cultural Indicators
Summary of Academic Statistics on Homeschooling<
Homeschooling Achievement
Homeschooling Grows Up

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