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Filing Your Private School Affidavit (PSA)

California Education Code 33190:
Every person, firm, association, partnership, or corporation offering or conducting private school instruction on the elementary or high school level shall between the first and 15th day of October of each year, commencing on October 1, 1967, file with the Superintendent of Public Instruction an affidavit or statement, under penalty of perjury, by the owner or other head setting forth the following information for the current year.

The California Department of Education offers a standardized online form, the Private School Affidavit (PSA). It is completed online at the California Department of Education website beginning on October 1st. The form should be filed between October 1st and 15th of every year. The CDE usually leaves the form up until early spring. Schools that are created after the filing period should file at the time the school is established.

Electronic filing may not be available all year; if you need to file your affidavit and cannot do so electronically, you can still file a Statement in Lieu.

NEW for 2008:
New information has been added to the CDE website, and they are once again allowing schools to request a paper Affidavit by writing to the CDE no earlier than August 25. This is to accommodate those schools without internet access. Written requests may be e-mailed to the Elementary Education Office at, faxed to 916-319-0126, or mailed to: Elementary Education Office Attn: Private School Affidavit California Department of Education 1430 N Street, Room 4401 Sacramento, CA 95814. Paper affidavits will be mailed out beginning in late September.

CHN has information pages that may be downloaded to assist in filling out your PSA. One provides adetailed line by line instructions for completing the online PSA, and the other is a sample PSA.

(This information was updated on September 30, 2008.)


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