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Homeschool Starter Kit

The starter kit is currently not available for purchase because the Homeschool Guide download is being updated.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  To purchase a CHN membership, click here.

Everything you need to get started homeschooling in California, all tucked into a very useful homeschool tote bag! Your starter kit includes the following items: CHN's Homeschool Guide Companion in downloadable format (it has the homeschool forms you want plus more!), a one year CHN membership (members receive a subscription to CHNews, a member ezine, an invitation to The Grapevine, CHN's private email list, discount offers for CHN events including CHN's Expo and campouts, and a membership card in a business card holder), one homeschool patch, a pen and a card for your front door that says that you don't open the door unless you're expecting someone.

All of this for only
$40 plus $5 shipping!


Items in the starter kit are subject to change according to the items in stock in our CHN store.

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your kit to arrive.

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Homeschool Guide Companion Downloadable File

This item is currently not available for purchase because the information is being updated.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  To purchase a CHN membership, click here.

All of the files from our Companion CD in an easy to use downloadable file.

Includes all forms you'll need to establish and keep records for your R-4 homeschool plus curriculum aids, reading lists, chore charts, support group helps, and more. For a complete listing of the contents, click here.

*This file is included in the Homeschool Starter Kit


$6.00 Members
$10.00 Non-members

You will receive a link to download soon after your purchase!

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Homeschool Patches

Great homeschool patches.
Iron-on, colorfast patches.

2 for $5.00
10 for $20.00

Homeschool Patches

Pricing Options

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CHN Free Downloadable Publications!

Just The Facts
Free booklet with detailed information on our homeschool options in California. When you are ready to get started, this is the booklet to read!

Click here to download the CHN Just the Facts Booklet!

Just The Facts Trifold
One page brochure with basic info on homeschool options in California. This is a terrific starting point to begin exploring your options. It is also a good tool to share with family and friends and to print and pass along to other homeschoolers in your community.

Click here to download the Just the Facts Brochure!

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