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The California Homeschool Guide Companion

This is a companion to The California Homeschool Guide and provides you with forms and information to streamline and enhance your homeschool experience.

Most of the files have been saved in PDF using Abode Acrobat. You must have Acrobat Reader to read these files. Where appropriate, we have prepared the forms so that you can fill them in using your computer. We have prepared, where possible, both color and black/white files. In some cases, for instance graphics, we have not changed everything to grayscale.

You will find several folders:

  1. Private School Records: required by law. With our forms you can easily comply with the California Education Code in establishing your home-based, private school using the R-4 option. Please note that California Homeschool Network does not give legal advice. All material on The Guide's Companion is for informational purposes. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is current and accurate. This folder includes:
    • R-4 Affidavit (sample)
    • R-4 Alternative statement
    • R-4 Requesting Information
    • Withdrawal from School letter
    • Statement of Capability to Teach
    • Course of Study (including samples for elementary and high school)
    • Attendance Records (several types)
    • Immunization Record/Waiver
    • Health Record/Waiver
    • Cumulative File Checklist
    • Visits from School Authorities (advise on how to handle)

  2. Teaching Records: not mandatory, but recommended. You may use these forms as a teacher and keep them as part of your student's portfolio. What fun it is to look back at what you've accomplished and where you've been! Includes:
    • Keeping Portfolios
    • Portfolio Cover
    • Field Trip Logs
    • Reading Logs
    • Student Achievement Records
    • Student Permanent Records (Elementary and Secondary) with samples
    • Weekley Anecdotal Records
    • Transcript Tips
    • High School Transcript with sample

  3. Planning Aids: not mandatory, but useful. Plan by the week or the month. Track high school course information. Unschooling? You'll find helps too. Includes:
    • 5-day Subject Planner
    • Monthly Subject Planner
    • Unschooling Records
    • Weekly Schedules
    • High School Course Information Form

  4. Curriculum Aids: includes a comprehensive list of curriculum suppliers, stores, private independent study programs, and resources for unique learners. Consider which curriculum is right for your family by using the curriculum evaluation form and the learning styles evaluation. Enhance your homeschool with the Game Curriculum. Learn and teach civics with CHN's Legislation Monitoring Committee's Legislative Action Guide. Prepare your teen to drive and much more in this folder. Additional curriculum aids are found in the reading lists, enrichment and chores folders. Includes:
    • Curriculum Evaluation
    • Learning Styles
    • Book Report Projects
    • Game Curriculum
    • Homeschool Civics
    • Multiplication Table
    • Driver Instruction and Training Log
    • Teenage Driving Contract
    • Resources—a comprehensive listing with web links

  5. Reading Lists: includes award-winning book lists, the California Standardized lists for grades 9-12 and a college-prep list.
    • Caldecott Medal Winners
    • California Standardized Reading List (9-12)
    • College Prep Reading List
    • Coretta Scott King Award Winners
    • Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal Winners
    • Newbery Medal Winners
    • Pura Belpre Award Winners
    • Young California Readers Awards
    • Reading Logs

  6. Helps: includes homeschool-tested, tried-and-true activities from across the curriculum, arts and crafts recipes, bookmarks and a comprehensive list of seasonal events held throughout the state. A little nervous about a visit from a school authority? Consider using one of the door signs to keep you in control of when you will entertain visitors.
    • Arts and Crafts recipes
    • Seasonal Events (throughout California)
    • Tried and True Activities
    • Bookmarks
    • Door Signs (to maintain your homeschool privacy)
    • Field Trip Logs

  7. Chores: Keep your house clean, teach your children life skills and inculcate responsibility by making chores part of your homeschool curriculum. Includes:
    • Tips on Chores
    • Pre-reader Chore Chart
    • Weekly Chore Chart
    • Monthly Chore Chart

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