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CHN has provided a complete homeschool community to guide you along. Homeschoolers can find support, get answers to questions and exchange information on the discussion groups we sponsor.
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General Information – CaliforniaHS

Events Calendar – CalifornaHS-Calendar

Preschool – CalifornaHS-Preschool

Grapevine– CalifornaHS-Grapevine (for CHN members only)


Other Email Loops
Please note that these lists are not sponsored or monitored by CHN. If you discover one has changed and should not be listed here, please contact the webmaster.


California Teen Homeschoolers

Car Schooling

Click Schooling

Games For Learning

Homeschooled Scouts

Homeschoolers With Girl Scouts

Homeschooling Military Families

Homeschooling Multiple Grades

Homeschooling Toddlers

San Francisco Bay Area Homeschooling

Work and Homeschool





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