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How To Homeschool

What about socialization?


How can I find other homeschoolers?

CHN Local Contacts can tell you about support groups and activities in their areas. A support group is a great place for new homeschoolers. Parents can get encouragement and information from more experienced homeschoolers. The whole family can enjoy the field trips, projects, cooperative classes and friendships available through a local support group. To learn more about support groups, read Chapter 13, "Am I the Only Homeschooler in Town? How Do I Meet Others?" in The California Homeschool Guide (pages 281-308).


What if it turns out that there are no groups in your area?

Ask your local contact for help in starting one. CHN's local contacts, volunteers adept at answering questions about homeschooling, are available at no charge to speak at an information seminar in your area. Such a seminar might gather enough participants to start a group. Our Media Team will advertise the event. Your only responsibilities would be finding a library, bookstore, or other location where the seminar can be held and contacting CHN to secure a speaker and help in publicizing.

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