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How To Homeschool

Concerned Relatives

How can I deal with irate friends and relatives?

Begin by finding out why they are so irate. Their defensiveness might stem from the belief that your choice to homeschool is an unspoken criticism of their decision not to do so. Therefore, it is wise to avoid criticizing public education.

Focus rather on your positive reasons for homeschooling, and emphasize the individuality of your choice. Consider also that their criticism might stem from loving concern. Caring friends and family want the best for your children, just as you do. In this instance educating them about the success of homeschooling might convert them into allies for your new venture.

CHN has a publication, When Your Grandchildren Homeschool: A Guide for Interested Relatives, designed for just this purpose. Chapter 1 in The California Homeschool Guide sections entitled "You're Doing What?" (pages 3-24) offers good readings, research and more in educating family and friends. However, it is sometimes difficult to get friends and family to read about homeschooling.









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