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How To Homeschool

Can I really do this?

Thousands of other parents of all educational backgrounds are successfully homeschooling. An article in The California Homeschool Guide by Sam Peavey, "Home Education: FACTS Not Misconceptions" (pages 4-12), will reassure you that you have the necessary ability.

Are you still wondering, "What if I make the wrong decision about..?" Fortunately, whatever decision you make is yours to change.

  • There is no homeschooling bureaucracy;
  • There are no committees to pass judgement;
  • There are no forms to fill out in triplicate.

If you find your initial decisions aren't working out, you can modify your program to meet your family's current needs.

In "Lessons Learned in the First Year," (The California Homeschool Guide, p. 189) CHN member BJ Darr wrote, "It takes time to 'get acquainted' with all the curricula, resources, and options available. Eventually, though, it will start to look familiar. While you are trying to make sense of it all it helps to realize that there is a lot of support out there and many homeschooling families who are willing to spend time helping you. Find these people. You don't have to reinvent the wheel."

Help is Available

The California Homeschool Network was founded to aid you in having a successful homeschool experience. CHN's Local Contacts are willing to provide information and discuss your concerns. If you are in an area without a Local Contact, call our toll-free Homeschool Hotline, 1 (800) 327-5339. Leave your name, phone number, and question, and a volunteer will return your call.

CHN volunteers stage seminars that focus on beginning homeschooling. Ask your Local Contact for more information and the schedule of events in your area.

Our publication, The California Homeschool Guide, will provide you with information on all aspects of homeschooling. You can even send your questions to Uncle CHiN, the "Dear Abby" of the homeschool community. Questions addressed to him are answered in CHN's bimonthly publication California Homeschool News.

Through our people and our publications, the California Homeschool Network is ready to help you get off to a great start in homeschooling. Best wishes!


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