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Family Expo 2004

Trust the Parents!

August 5th - 8th, 2010
Ontario Marriott Hotel


Used Curriculum and Kids' Sale
—One Day Only!

A gigantic Expo Used Curriculum Sale will be held in the Ontario Marriott Ballroom on Sunday ONLY from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm! Plan now to sell your no longer needed books, curriculum, and games, and pick up some great bargains too!

All participants must be registered for the Expo before registering for the used curriculum sale, and may sell their personal items only (no businesses or foods allowed). Table reservations will be accepted in the order that they are received. The table rental fee is $10. Register Online at the CHN Store, call CHN, or use CHN's Expo registration form and mail or FAX it to CHN.

Selling Details:

The idea is to have a good time selling!

If you would like to attend sessions, you could pair up with a few friends and take turns sitting at the table, or ask your teen or spouse to do it for you.

CHN will not be selling the items for you, nor is CHN responsible for any losses.

CHN will not be collecting a percentage of your profits - it's all yours to keep!

A comment from past years: "To be honest, the used curriculum sale was an event in & of itself! There was LOTS of talking about various aspects of homeschooling, pros/cons of various resources,and I even heard a bit of a discussion citing a session the person had been to!"

Kids' Sale!

CHN is once again offering an opportunity for Expo children to see what it's like to create a product and sell it.

We view this as an educational opportunity for the children who would like to try developing some marketable products and learn some skills. The same rules apply as for the used curriculum: the children must be registered at the Expo. The kids can have their own table, or sell at their family's table. No food items please. The cost for the table is $10.


Young Entreprenuers at the Expo Young Entreprenuers at the Expo Young Entreprenuers at the Expo


Used Curriculum and Kids' Sale FAQ

Q: Can I leave early?

A: Sure. This is going to be a very casual and fun sale, and when you sell out or get tired, it's no problem to leave, and if anyone wants to grab your table to spread out, that's fine too.

Q: How many people can share a table?

A: As many as you like - find 10 friends, and it would be $1 each to sell as much as you can! You might be crowded at first, but use the under the table space or just keep putting out new stuff, or take turns selling.

Q: When is the deadline for renting a table?

A: We'll accept table registrations until the room is full.

Q: Can I rent 1/2 a table?

A: No, we tried that one year, and it caused some confusion. If you want 1/2 a table, find someone to split the cost with you.


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