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CHN Family Expo

'Trust the Parents!'

August 5th - 8th, 2010
Ontario Marriott Hotel

Teens at the Expo


The Expo Teen Room


Early Friday morning, the teens will meet out on the tennis courts for our annual outdoor game challenge and some water play to cool off! After lunch, we'll kick off the weekend with CHN's famous GAG! (that's short for Get Aquainted Gathering). This is the time that many friendships are formed! Join us for lots of laughs and a great time!

Boogie to the beat with our fabulous DJ at the annual
CHN Expo
Teen Dance

on Saturday night!


Stay tuned for our
teen session details!

Scattered around the Expo venue will be various game and chess areas!

Not To Be Missed!
PEACE OUT! on Sunday.
Trade cell numbers, myspace and facebook info and share a final hug until next time!

Remember that all sessions at The Expo are free to attendees!

A few notes for teens and their parents:

Teens are free to come and go in sessions, in and out of the Teen Room and the Teen Dance. The hotel staff and Expo security will approach teens if they are behaving in a way that is inappropriate or dangerous. Areas marked "staff only" are, of course, off limits. The pool is for hotel guests only . It does not have a lifeguard, and the hotel expects that parents will accompany their children in that area.

This dance is for teens. We do not require proof of age, but please help younger kids respect our wishes to keep this a teen event. This year, a family dance will be offered earlier in the evening for all ages!

Also, this is not a lock down dance. Chaperones will be present at all times, but parents are free to stop by at any time, and teens are free to come and go through the main dance floor entrance. There is a limited amount of space on the dance floor, so for safety we would appreciate parents keeping their visits to the dance floor area brief.

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