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Family Expo 2010

'Trust the Parents!'

August 5th - 8th, 2010
Ontario Marriott Hotel

Register for Graduation Who is eligible?
Accomodations Ceremony and Reception
Photography Caps, Gowns, Diplomas and More
More graduation pictures! More Questions?

The 2010 Graduation will be a memorable event!

Join CHN in acknowledging your student’s achievement in the lovely setting of the Ontario Marriott Atrium. Our annual graduation ceremony mixes traditional customs with a personal touch. Your graduate will come in full cap and gown in a color of their choice. A traditional procession and convocation will begin the ceremony, followed by diploma awards. Each family will have an opportunity to take the stage and award their student a diploma which has been issued by their school. Every graduate is permitted to give a short speech if they so choose.


This ceremony is open to CHN member families with students graduating from high school. You are welcome to join CHN when you register for graduation.

Eligibility for graduation from your high school is determined by your school. Private school administrators, directors or principals, including parents who are running their own home based private school, would assess and determine the eligibility of their students for graduation. Diplomas should be issued under your school name.

In order to keep this a personalized ceremony, we have a limited number of spaces available. All registrations will be processed in the order they are received, so register early!

Hotel, Ceremony and Reception

The ceremony will take place in the Atrium at the Marriott Hotel, 2200 E. Holt Blvd., Ontario, California on Sunday, August 2nd, 2009 at 2:00 pm.  A reception will follow.

If you need a room at the Marriott, CHN has obtained a special room rate. See accommodations page for details and a link to the online reservation system.

2008 Graduation at the Expo

Caps, Gowns, Diplomas and More

Graduates are required to provide their own caps and gowns in the color of their choice. Caps and gowns are available from many online stores including, Jostens, Herff Jones,, and You may also find recycled caps and gowns from your local support groups, ebay and on craigslist, or make your own!  We suggest that you also wear a tassel on your cap that can be switched sides as is customary during graduation.

Families must also provide their own diplomas. Personalized diplomas can be created or ordered from many services online including some of the stores listed above. If you wish to send out invitations and announcements, you may create them, or many of the stores listed above also offer those.


You are welcome to photograph and video tape the ceremony. CHN Expo family photographer Kim Nancarrow will also do graduation sittings at the conference over the course of the weekend. Please see our sessions page for details on booking a sitting with Kim.

We congratulate our 2008 graduates and their families!

2009 graduates at the Expo

The 2008 ceremony was held on Sunday, August 3rd,
in the Ontario Marriott ballroom.


Graduation FAQ:

1. Do I have to attend the Expo to participate?
No. All graduating homeschool high school seniors from CHN member families are invited to participate. If you do attend the Expo and are registered by the date listed on the graduation registration form, the graduation fee will be waived.

2. How does CHN determine eligibility?
CHN does not make the determination, and there is no test, or other requirement. Each private school determines the requirements for their school, and that means the parents of the graduate make that decision. When you decide that your child is ready to graduate, CHN will be proud to share that moment with you!

3. Why do homeschoolers attend graduations?
Even if you have always done things your way, there's something about a graduation from high school that is so special. It's an important milestone! Having a place where you and your child can be honored, and where your friends and relatives can be invited can be important.



4. What is a typical CHN graduation like?
What most people notice is that it is personal, and the nicest graduation they have ever attended! The graduate is not lost in a crowd of 500 kids, so the graduation has more meaning. A family member presents the diploma to their graduate, and usually has a few heartfelt things to say to the child. Sometimes the child responds. It can be a very touching moment, and is one that will never be forgotten.


5. Do you limit the number of graduates? Why?
Yes, we limit it to 20 graduates so that it will remain personal.


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