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  CHN Family Expo

'Trust the Parents!'

August 5th - 8th, 2010
Ontario Marriott Hotel


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The Family Expo CHN's Family Expo is the homeschool conference for everyone, from beginning homeschoolers to veterans. Every year, homeschoolers from around the state meet to learn together.

In addition to featured speakers, this homeschool conference features sessions for adults and teens, family activities that include the children, and opportunities where parents can discuss the challenges of homeschooling.

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For questions or to make suggestions:

Email The Expo Committee


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2010 Expo Early Registration Prices

(Early Registration ends July 1st)

$40 per adult
$50 per couple (members only)
$35 age 12 - 19
$30 age 3 - 11
Free—2 & under
Free—Accompanying Grandparents
Members registered by April 30th will get an all new CHN library bag!

Non Members
$75 per adult
$55 age 12 - 19
$50 age 3 - 11
Free—2 & under
Free—Accompanying Grandparents


Register by July 1st and Save!
At the door prices:
$75/adult, $100/couple, $55/teen and $50/child for members.
$120/adult, $105/teen and $100/child for non-members.

Cancellation or Transfer Procedures

Expo memories



Here are a few testimonials from happy Expo attendees!

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed going. The best thing you could have ever done was to invite the grandparents for free! I invited my somewhat-skeptical father who not only took me up on the offer, he spent time with my son in the "fun" classes, investigated math curriculum for me (& paid for it!!!!!), but he went to the grandparents discussion and came away feeling better about our family's decision.

WOW! The graduation was so unique. My family and friends thought it was refreshing to see parents and their
graduates be able to talk up front and give their personal testimonies.

I have been to a LOT of homeschool conferences and seminars in my 15 years of homeschooling. I was so impressed with the CHN conference this past weekend. There was such a nice spirit there -- one of cooperation and conviviality. It was great to be able to put names with faces. I made new friends. I felt welcomed and appreciated.

I'd like to say the Expo was fantastic! . . . I got so excited winning one of the WONDERFUL door prizes, that I spilled water on someone. (sorry about that!)

I just want to say that my family had such a wonderful time at the EXPO. I met a lot of people I see here on the list (I mostly lurk, and rarely post, so you probably won't recognize my name too well), so it was great to put a face to a name!

I dragged [dh] to the [xxxx] conference last year; he was not impressed. I dragged him to the CHN Expo this year and he is jazzed. He met people he could talk to, attended workshops that addressed issues important to him, spent time with his family by the pool, and came away with a more positive attitude about homeschooling. (As with many families, I was the one who initiated the whole homeschooling bit; [dh] has remained somewhat skeptical. It appears the Expo has made him a believer!).

I just want to say that we truly enjoyed the Expo. My kids enjoyed every minute of it, as well as my husband and me. I just wanted to thank all of the volunteers who devoted so much to putting it all together.

I am incredibly thankful that we were able to come to the Expo and meet other homeschool parents. It made us feel so much more confident in our decision. It was even more surprising to learn that what we have been doing all along is pretty much right on track and we don't have to
change a thing! Without having met all the other wonderful families and without having heard the discussions, I don't think we would have gone into this next year with quite the same enthusiasm or confidence.

We cannot wait until the next Expo. I think this is something that we can go to every year as the children grow and each time learn something different.

I feel so much more inspired and confident than I did prior to the conference. Our favorite part was meeting so many friendly people and making some new dear friends!

The vendors hall was so great. My kids loved seeing and asking questions about many things they saw there. The vendors were more then happy to answer questions, very helpful indeed. I was also able to see some products that I have heard of, but not sure if they would work for my kids. Some I think would work very well.. and others.. well.. I saw other choices that would be perfect.

From a speaker: I just wanted to say what a wonderful time I had at your conference and commend you for the excellent job you did organizing it. I've been to a lot of conventions around the country and yours was refreshingly different. I would say it was the most child-friendly conference I've ever seen. . . .Some of the other organizers could learn from you! In some places, people are strongly discouraged from bringing children, if not prohibited.

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Cancellation policy: Written cancellations received prior to May 1 will be refunded after deducting a $10 processing fee.
Between May 1 and July 1, 50% will be refunded after the Expo. No refunds will be issued after July 1st.

Transfer policy:
You may transfer your registration up until July 25th by following these steps:

1) Find the buyer and make plans to receive payment (this will be your responsibility).
2) Call CHN before July 25th and report the transfer, including the name, address, phone and email of the new attendees and ages of any children.
3) If you registered as a member, they must be a member too, or join by calling CHN.
4) It will be your responsibility to pay a $10 transfer fee by credit card to CHN at the time you make the call.

Email the Registration Committee to arrange for a transfer.



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