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About CHN

California Homeschool Network Elections

California Homeschool Network is a 501(c)3 Organization with a board of six trustees elected by members in good standing.

Trustee Elections are held each year. Trustees are elected to serve a two year term, and three of our trustee seats are up for election each year.  CHN's fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30.

Each year members interested in becoming trustee candidates submit a questionnaire. If you would like to be considered for candidacy, please fill out the Trustee Candidate Questionnaire. Directions on where to submit the questionnaire are printed on the bottom of the form. Questionnaires will be accepted beginning in March of each year and the deadline is generally April 1.  Please contact the election committee if you have any questions.

Eligible candidates' questionnaires are distributed to all members for consideration. For details on who is eligible to become a trustee, please review Article VI of the Bylaws from the links on your left. Our annual election takes place in June and will be conducted by CHN's Election Committee Chair. Election results will be posted in the July. Members wishing to vote are required to be registered CHN members 60 days prior to the start of an election (April 1 for a regular annual election).

The schedule for any special elections, usually due to the resignation of a trustee, will vary.  Members will be notified via e-mail regarding the schedule for any election.

Bylaw Amendments are governed by Article XVI of the Bylaws which can be found in the links to your left. Bylaws are reviewed in even numbered years and proposed amendments must be presented to the membership and receive a two thirds vote of the membership except for in specific situations detailed in the bylaws.

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